Vendor Tipping Guide

Amidst all the excitement leading up to your wedding day, it is important not to overlook the people behind the scenes who make your big day a success. A number of industry professionals come together to bring your wedding day dreams to life, so consider rewarding them in some way for all their hard work! We get a lot of questions about vendor tipping with clients wondering “do I need to tip all my vendors?” and “how much? And when?”, which is why we put together this handy guide to tipping your vendors.

Although giving a gratuity to your vendors is not required, unless stated in a contract, if your vendors provide exceptional service, it is always appreciated! These days, many wedding vendors we work with are small businesses and a little bonus given to their team goes a long way. Before your wedding day, we recommend stopping by the bank to pull out some cash and put each tip in a labeled, sealed envelope. Hand those over to your wedding planner to distribute among vendors throughout the course of the event! 

Below, we compiled a list of suggested gratuities for all wedding vendors. If tipping is not in your budget, consider expressing your gratitude to your vendors in a different way! Leaving a positive review on Google or their website, or sending them a handwritten thank you card in the mail are two great ways to show your appreciation!

Hair and Makeup

Many hair and makeup companies include gratuity in their fees, so double check your contract. If it’s not included, 15-25% is the standard.

Ceremony Musicians

$25-35 per musician


If your officiant is a close friend or family member, consider giving a personal gift. Otherwise, a tip ranging from $50-100 is appropriate. Keep in mind some members of the clergy are not permitted to accept tips; in which case a donation to the church or organization they belong to is appropriate.


For a band, tip $25-50 per musician. DJs, on the other hand, typically receive 10-15% of their fee as a tip.


The decision to tip bartenders depends on your preference. You can either handle it yourself or allow your guests to contribute. If you choose to tip, consider 10-20% or $100-150 per bartender, depending on the complexity of your bar package (beer/wine only vs. full bar). For waitstaff, 10-20% of the food total or $25-50 per server is customary.

Banquet/Catering Manager


Onsite Venue Coordinator


Wedding Planner

Up to $500 or a personal gift.

Specialty Onsite Vendors

$25-50 per staff member for unique vendors such as photobooth, cigar rollers, ice cream cart, etc. Additionally, a 10% – 20% tip to the company as a whole is customary.


Typically, a tip of 15% of the total bill.

Valet and Coat Check Attendants

Consider tipping them $1-2 per guest or car.


While gratuity isn’t mandatory for these vendors, it’s a lovely way to recognize exceptional work. A 10-15% tip is a nice bonus if they’ve gone above and beyond!

Probably the most important piece of advice we can share with you when it comes to tipping is this:

Tipping is completely optional, but always appreciated!

Still need any vendor recommendations or help pouring over those contracts? Contact us here!