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Seven Ways You Can Incorporate Personality into Your Wedding

I’ve said it before and I will say it a million more times: your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Weddings are fun! They are the perfect time to celebrate everything that makes you unique. 

In my years as an event planner, I’ve been so inspired by the countless couples I’ve worked with who value the opportunities to make their weddings enjoyable and meaningful. Sometimes incorporating personality into your big day means thinking outside the box or looking for ways to reimagine traditional wedding practices. 

Whether you want to make your wedding personal in an unconventional way or you’re happy to keep to the status quo, there are endless options available to you. It’s my hope that this blog post gets the ball rolling and helps you brainstorm a few ideas to use. 

1. Handwritten Vows

When it comes to bringing personality to your wedding day, there is no better way than through your vows. Your vows are a way to express your love, and commitment to one another, as well as your promises to the future. All of that is best done in your own unique words and voice.

2. Intentionally Curated Music

The music you play during your reception and ceremony is a fun and simple way to set your event apart from other weddings. Whether it’s playing in the background while your guests chat, accompanying you during your first dance, or getting everyone hyped up for a big dance party, music is foundational to a successful wedding. 

3. Personal Decor

Decorations can serve dual purposes during your wedding: they can set the stage for your big day while also reflecting your interests as individuals and as a couple. This could include displaying items that represent your hobbies, travels, or preferences. 

4. Fun Activities

Some of the most memorable weddings our team has planned have included an activity that engages your guests as well as represents something meaningful to you. Maybe it’s a custom signature cocktail or an elaborate mini-golf setup. There really are an endless number of ideas!

5. Unique Venue

Personality can also come from where the wedding takes place. Your venue can communicate your style, personality, and interests without saying a word. The look and feel of the location you choose for your wedding should be cohesive with the vibe you want to create for your big day.

6. Vendor Offerings

I could chat all day about how important vendors are to the success of your wedding day. A good vendor will be able to personalize their services to suit each couple’s vision. Everything from cakes to invitations to ceremony backdrops can all be specifically created with you and your fiance in mind. 

7. Family Traditions

If you or your partner come from a family with rich cultural heritage or important family traditions, celebrate that! Incorporating them into your wedding is a beautiful way to honor your loved ones as well as make your big day feel unique. 

The ultimate goal of your wedding planning should be to create a day that is uniquely your own. Filling your big day with things that represent your relationship is the best way to honor your love story while looking forward to the beautiful things that the future holds for you.