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The Number One Mistake Couples Make When Planning Their Wedding

After you get engaged, your next step is to ask “now what”? Too many couples rely on the insight from a variety of sources instead of finding one person or team to direct all their questions to. In fact, we consider it the root of the majority of issues couples face in their wedding planning journey.

When it comes to professional wedding planning, there are a few roles that quickly come to mind, Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators being among the top. They both work in the wedding industry, so what’s the difference? While each job contributes to the overall success of a wedding day, a Wedding Planner will ultimately have the most comprehensive offerings. 

It can be easy to confuse wedding planners and venue coordinators, so it’s important to understand the distinctness between them. When you’re looking to outsource the planning of your wedding, you want to be certain of who you are hiring! If you already have a venue coordinator and aren’t sure if you need a wedding planner also, the answer is yes! Let’s chat about why.

What is a Venue Coordinator?

A venue coordinator is a member of the venue’s in-house event staff. They are usually experts in all things venue-related and are an invaluable resource! They are available to assist you in anything related to the venue itself. This includes highlighting unique aspects of the location, creating room layouts, and organizing in-house catering. These all fall under the venue coordinator umbrella.

In contrast, a wedding planner takes care of everything in and out of your venue. Our services include things you might not have thought of before, like finalizing contracts, organizing transportation, and reviewing day-of timelines. Venue coordinators are incredibly helpful, but their expertise is usually confined to the venue itself.

An Intro to Wedding Planners

When you hire a wedding planner you have access to all the knowledge that comes with extensive experience in the wedding industry. Some wedding planners (like us!) also organize other events like festivals, galas, and even baby showers. All that familiarity with event planning contributes not only to the professionalism but to the overall success of your wedding day. 

With wedding planners, our end goal is to conceptualize your vision and bring it to life. We offer a range of services to best suit your needs and our team are experts in tailoring our offering to fit your experience. Our Full-Service Planning and Design package is created to relieve stress because we are with you every step of the process. 

Some other benefits of hiring a wedding planner include:

Diverse Expertise

Through our many years of planning events of all kinds, we have honed our knowledge and abilities to best cater to your needs. Your wedding planner should be a pro at communicating with clients, understanding their vision, coordinating with vendors, and pivoting when unexpected challenges arise. All those qualities are developed through careful experience in various types of events.

Vendor Relationships

Established relationships with vendors of all kinds are a huge benefit to hiring a wedding planner. Our network of vendors is something we are very proud of! We want our clients to feel like their vendors are unique to their wedding day experience. Not only are we invested in connecting you with the right vendors, but we provide seamless collaboration between all parties so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Day-of Production

A good wedding planner will be there with you every step of the planning process, and that includes the actual day of the event! Because we are there to oversee every little detail, you don’t have to let unexpected issues get in the way of celebrating. Our comprehensive approach to your wedding planning means that you can savor every moment of your big day.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a one-stop solution to organizing a memorable wedding day experience, a wedding planner is going to be your best option. We understand every aspect of your event, from the technicalities and logistics to the sentimental details and traditions. Let us take all of those burdens from your plate so you can just enjoy being the guest of honor on your wedding day.

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