I’m Sandrashai (pronounced sand-ruh-shay) and I cannot wait to work with you on your dream day and make your vision come to life.

I have wanted to work in the wedding industry since I was young. Wedding days have always been magical to me and I love seeing all the different memories come to life. I have always pursued more creative careers and wedding planning was the one I loved the most. I love it all; from making dreams come true, to logistics, organizing, and every part of planning. Working with Kaushay & Co has really been a dream come true and I cannot wait for you to feel the love and magic we offer!

My dream of becoming a planner started when I started designing weddings for fun and making vision boards and Pinterest boards. It soon turned into designing birthday parties, engagement set-ups, and all sorts of events. I very quickly realized weddings are where my passion thrived and were what I loved most. I have been in the wedding industry since late 2021 and have worked with Kaushay & Co. since spring of 2022. Working with Kaushay & Co. has been such a blessing (and I just have to brag about Kaushay for a second). Kaushay is so bright and has such a glow to her personality. She truly knows how to create magic on event days!

I strive to follow trends and to create the best wedding for each couple. I want your day to be uniquely you and to reflect your love. Planning a wedding can be a hard cookie to swallow but as Hannah Montana said, “life’s a climb, but the view is great”. And that directly correlates with wedding planning. It can be tough and stressful which is why working with our team is your best choice. It is our job to handle all the stress so your wedding day can be your day. After all your wedding is YOUR day! It will be my job to be your go-to girl so you and your partner can have the time of your lives. I cannot wait to work with you!